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Framed Proof of Concept

A story from Kilgore Studios in collaboration with More To See Productions, "Framed" follows Andy and his friends as they go from summer road-trippers to prime suspects in a case to find a $5 million dollar painting. They must solve the mystery and clear their names while going on the adventure of a lifetime. But as the group unwraps the mystery, they learn that someone from within not only committed the crime but framed the rest for it.

What is a proof of concept?

A proof of concept is a pitching tool so that potential investors and distributors can get a sense of the story we want to tell.

The Framed Proof of Concept is a short film adaptation of the full-length feature. This project was created on a $3,000 dollar budget acquired through a YoungArts grant and private investors. 


Our goal with Framed is to go into production for the feature film very soon. YOU can help us achieve this goal by following our instagram page @FramedTheFilm to track our journey, get sneak previews, and be the first to know when we start filming!

In the meantime, have a look at our proof of concept. 

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